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Frequently asked questions

What is your service area?

People's Linen currently services accounts across NH, VT, and MA. But we've begun to branch out! Interested resorts, hotels, colleges, universities, and restaurant chains located in ME, CT, and RI are encouraged to call us (1-800-225-4654) to inquire about the possibility of regular service.

Do I need to purchase my own linen for you to wash?

No, we have a large variety of linens that we use to service you. Our napkins and tablecloths come in a wide range of colors, and we have several lines of bedlinen and towels to make sure thriftier customers can get access to quality products, and top resorts are able to provide thier guests with a luxury.

I use a line of luxury linens personalized to my business. Will you launder these?

We'd love to show you our best products so you can really see how good it gets. For larger hotels and resorts unable to sign off on anything but their current linens, we are happy to take a look and see how we might be able to process these goods for you on our state of the art equipment. That said, many resorts that sign on with their own goods end up eventually switching to our product, because our luxury line looks at home in world-class resort, and the quantities we purchase make sourcing and stocking the linens you need when you need them headache free... and cost effective.

I'm putting on a wedding / graduation party. Do you offer one term rentals?

We certainly do! Give us a call and we'd be happy to provide you with our color/size list; we've been at this awhile and are happy to brainstorm with you to help make your event a success. All our one-time rentals are picked up/dropped off at our facility at 44 George St. in Keene, NH.

I run seasonal programs at a university. Will you work with me on delivering / picking up linens for temporary seasonal guests?

Yes! In fact we have years of experience coordinating with camps, colleges, and universities across New England. Give us a call or email us with your projected needs and we can get the ball rolling so you can check linens off your long list of preparations.